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    Making stuff up with Sasheer Zamata


    For one night only. No rambling into a sound amplification device… just improvising and goofing off onstage with the very talented Sasheer Zamata.
    Friday September 5th at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre (NY).
    Zamata & Cenac
    Tickets here and here and here.
    The Upright Citizens Brigade
    307 W 26th St New York, NY

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    Adding to the tote bag collection...

    WBUR and NPR’s Robin Young hosts a night of comedy and music and other stuff that may or may not involve oysters at the Cape Playhouse in Dennis, Massachusetts. The historic theater where Bette Davis lost her eyes and Basil Rathbone first starred as Madea in “Madea Goes to Jail.”
    WBUR & Friends
    The Cape Playhouse
    Location: 820 Massachusetts 6A, Dennis, MA 02638
    Show Date: Sunday, August 24
    Time: Show starts at 6 p.m.

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    A meta moment with Eugene Mirman...
    withreservation photo by Mindy Tucker

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    Alienating neighbors on WNYC’s Soundcheck


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    Garaging it with Marc Maron

    The Walking Dead’s Tony Moore drew a moment from last night’s episode of Maron. Thankfully nobody is being devoured by a zombie cat.

    The episode, “Boomer Lives,” is on IFC or on IFC.com if you prefer your television in computer form.

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    Shouting at the Screen: Hump Day Edition


    Donwill is headed to SXSW to raid the free merch tents, but he’s promised to return in time for a new Shouting at the Screen on March 26th. New movie and a new location: The Bell House in Brooklyn.

    Shouting at the Screen
    Wednesday March 26th starting at 7:30
    The Bell House
    149 7th Street
    Brooklyn, New York, 11215

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    The Champs Podcast: Wyatt Cenac | The Champs: Neal Brennan and Moshe Kasher

    Talking about a bunch of stuff on The Champs podcast and learning how Moshe Kasher makes coffee.

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    Talking high school with John Roy on his Don't Ever Change podcast

    Neither one of us was voted “best dressed.”