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    Selected Shorts - Selected Shorts: A Thurber Festival

    Whenever Hollywood decides to make a “WKRP in Cincinnati” movie, this episode of WNYC’s radio series Selected Shorts will be part of my audition for the role of “Venus Flytrap.” My guess is that the movie will probably follow Dr. Johnny Fever and Venus Flytrap, who lose their disc jockey jobs when WKRP is bought out by a giant national corporate radio entity. Out of work but with a desire to talk into microphones, they start a podcast called The FeverTrap where they interview other out of work radio deejays.
    It’s not the greatest movie idea, so to spice things up, Hollywood’s remake of “WKRP” will also serve as the sequel to “Warriors of Virtue.”

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    So, now I guess there are 7,999,999 stories left...

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    Talking to Wyatt Cenac About 'The Daily Show', Writing for 'King of the Hill', and What's Next for Him | Splitsider

    Talking about things and stuff with the good folks at Splitsider.com
    Full disclosure: this interview was held on the back of a moving cruise ship moments before the interviewer and I tried and failed to start a mutiny in an attempt to get AMC broadcast on the ship’s televisions in time for Breaking Bad.
    Fuller full disclosure: that may also be the plot to that new Tom Hanks movie Capt. Phillips.

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    Talking comic books with Elliott Kalan and the nice folks at Marvel

    Fans of the three pages of 2010’s little seen Marvel Comics “Wy-If” series rejoice… another three pages are on the way if you believe what you hear on the This Week in Marvel podcast.

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    September 13th-16th


    September 13th-16th: The Atlantic Ocean Comedy & Music Festival. Ship captain John Hodgman has assured me that it will not turn into a “poop cruise.”

    Gauntlet thrown…

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    6/24 - Littlefield (Brooklyn)


    Tonight’s Night Train at Littlefield features a bunch of people who may be on your DVR…

    Marc Maron
    Eugene Mirman
    Sara Schaefer
    Adam Newman
    Jeffrey Joseph
    Bill Squire
    Subhah Agarwal
    Larry Murphy

    Doors at 7:30/Show starts at 8:00 at Littlefield 622 Degraw (BK)

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    6/20 - The Bell House (NY)


    A lot of live comedy shows only increase access to alcohol for insecure comedians. Put a Fork In It at The Bell House is doing a bit more. Proceeds go to the New York City Coalition Against Hunger’s Craig Murphey Fellowship Fund, which works to increase access to food for the nearly 1.5 million low-income New Yorkers living in food insecure households.

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    Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell extended interview because two guys, who have worked on television for a while, refused to pay attention to the stage director giving them the “wrap it up” sign.