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    11/14 Kent State, Ohio


    Talking into a microphone and taking some crepe myrtles to Kent, Ohio which is the Mayo clinic for tree surgery.
    Kent State Cartwright Hall, Kent, OH
    Thu, Nov 14, 2013 08:00 PM
    Little known fact that I probably just made up: most of Devo’s songs were about fellow Kentite and noted tree surgeon John Davey.

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    Like a Thriller zombie Shouting at the Screen returns to scare the shit out of Ola Ray but mainly to watch old blaxploitation movies

    Like a Thriller zombie Shouting at the Screen returns to scare the shit out of Ola Ray but mainly to watch old blaxploitation movies

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    Definitive proof that I know how to read…


    … or definitive proof that I can repeat words that are said to me through headphones, while hosting a Halloween edition of Selected Shorts.

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    November 9th & 10th


    On November 9th, one of two things will be happening in Miami:

    A.) Based on his skills playing NBA 2K14, the Boston Celtics will sign Wyatt Cenac to their roster in an attempt to beat the Miami Heat that weekend.

    B.) The Friends of Nature Music Festival, where Wyatt Cenac will perform until he gets booted offstage for making disparaging comments about LeBron James being the king of flopping.

    To be safe, you could get tickets for both but chances are the FONFEST is the safe bet.

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    Some time ago, when I worked on a fake news show that people love to say they get their real news from; we shot a field piece about an historical freedmen’s town called Turkey Creek, Mississippi. The town became a toxic dumping ground for the nearby city of Gulfport and the only people able to help protect this historical landmark were from the Audobon Society. Bird people.

    While The Daily Show is a fake news program, a real documentary filmmaker, named Leah Mahan, has been chronicling the story of Turkey Creek in a film called, “Come Hell or High Water.” The film will premiere Sunday October 13th at the New Orleans Film Festival and then later make its way to public television. If you get a chance, you should watch it.

    COME HELL OR HIGH WATER: The Battle for Turkey Creek - TRAILER (1 MIN.) from Leah on Vimeo.

    Also, if you’re a person who says “they get all their news from The Daily Show,” you might stop saying that. While it may sound like a sarcastic critique about the current state of journalism; it plays a bit like someone saying they “get all their parenting tips from ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.’” Which on some level, you could learn what not to do by watching that show, but before you finish the sentence whoever you said that to will have already contacted Child Protective Services.

    Plus… NPR is pretty great for news.

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    Shouting At The Screen is Back

    Shouting at the Screen had been on hiatus but like a Thriller zombie, it’s been resurrected for Halloween (and beyond) at a new location and with the help of the good folks at Okayplayer.com
    Okayplayer Presents: Shouting at the Screen
    Thursday, October 31st (returning 11/07/13 and every 1st Thursday)
    Indie Screen, 289 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11211
    Doors: 8:00 PM
    Halloween After Party with DJ Tara, $5 entry or free with screening ticket
    Tickets: $10/$5 entry at the door after 10:30pm

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    Selected Shorts - Selected Shorts: A Thurber Festival

    Whenever Hollywood decides to make a “WKRP in Cincinnati” movie, this episode of WNYC’s radio series Selected Shorts will be part of my audition for the role of “Venus Flytrap.” My guess is that the movie will probably follow Dr. Johnny Fever and Venus Flytrap, who lose their disc jockey jobs when WKRP is bought out by a giant national corporate radio entity. Out of work but with a desire to talk into microphones, they start a podcast called The FeverTrap where they interview other out of work radio deejays.
    It’s not the greatest movie idea, so to spice things up, Hollywood’s remake of “WKRP” will also serve as the sequel to “Warriors of Virtue.”

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    So, now I guess there are 7,999,999 stories left...